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 Welcome to Alberta Whitewater Slalom 

Where competition
meets the water.

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What is 
Whitewater Slalom?

Whitewater Slalom is a competitive sport with the aim of navigating a canoe, kayak or SUP through a course of hanging downstream (green gates) and upstream (red gates) on moving water in the fastest time possible. 
Athletes develope technical skills and strength to navigate a course of about 90 -120 seconds. The newest addition to the sport of Whitewater Slalom is Kayak Cross. Canoe, Kayak and Kayak Cross are Olympic disciplines and will be part of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. 

Canoe Kayak


Kayak Cross

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We are fortunate to have Tyler Toohey as one of our supportive members, and we credit some of the photography on this website to him. Please visit his social media for amazing pictures of kayaking in all disciplines. Instagram: @captain_greenshirt_collective

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