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Alberta Whitewater Slalom (AWS) Sponsorship Opportunities

AWS thrives on developing young and young-at-heart athletes. We offer an open and welcoming group of athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers who work hard to achieve excellence through training, racing, and hosting events. AWS offers many opportunities to sponsor projects, programs, or events. Consider this a “wishlist” of sponsorship support. These benefits may include naming & branding options Social media features (Facebook and Instagram), logos on the team van & trailer, or gear, event branding, and more.  


Equipment and Gear:

A kayak is between $2,000 - $3,000, and paddles are between $250-$400, SUPs $800-$1200. We have a fleet of AWS equipment for people to paddle when getting into the sport. Repairing, maintaining and replacing equipment is costly and gives an excellent opportunity for support. A sponsorship toward equipment will get your name/ logo on the AWS’s equipment, and it will be mentioned on the website,social media, and at events.


Youth Programming and Trips:

We offer a variety of programs for youth and upcoming athletes. Athletes who start competing at higher levels will travel for training camps and competitions nationally and internationally. Allocating an amount to this cause would help families who don’t have the financial means to participate in all the training programs and split the cost equally between upcoming programs and trips. There are several options for displaying your business and showing our appreciation, such as branding on the team van, trailer, team gear and equipment, display on training schedules, website, and social media.



We have been fortunate to be supported by the Alberta Whitewater Association and various grants in the past to help purchase and maintain facilities. For example, a set of Slalom Gates costs $9000, and timing equipment costs $3000-$4000. Other expenses include trailer maintenance, operational costs for the team van, and competition bibs. We have an excellent opportunity for sponsorship in these areas. Backing here will get your logo on the trailer, van, and sandwich boards during races and training.


We host three to four Slalom events each year: two at Harvie Passage in Calgary and one to two in Kananaskis. Each event costs $600-$1000, including prices, snacks for volunteers, and advertising. By supporting an event, you can help us make it memorable and fun. We will promote your name/business through sandwich board posters on the day of the event, social media, and callouts.


We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

We welcome cash, in kind or goods donations.

To receive a charitable donation tax receipt, cash donations can be made through the Alberta Sport Donation Fund; please contact us for instructions or see below for details on how to donate.


Gold Sponsor: $2,500 and Over
Yeah, this makes a big difference.Your name/ logo will be added to our club boats and SUP’s. Added to the Van and Trailer. Listed on the Website. Call out on Social Media. Added to posters for events.

Silver Sponsor: $1,000 to $2,500

Fantastic, let’s go for a paddle.Your name will be added to our club boats & SUP’s. Listed on the Website. Call out on Social Media. Added to posters for events. 

Bronze Sponsor: $100 to $1,000

Sweet, this goes a long way.Your name will be listed on the Website. Call out on Social Media and events and added to posters for events.


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How to donate through the Alberta Sports Donation Fund:

1. Go to link:

2. Select the button "Donate online"

3. Fill in details,
Under Program Type, select "Whitewater."

4. Let us know that a donation has been made:

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