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How to get started?

The first step is done; you found us here! Below are links and information on where to best start based on your skill and comfort level. We can't wait to meet you out on the water.

I am a Beginner:

I have never been in a kayak or on a SUP or only a couple of times on the lake, and want to learn more. No problem; the links below bring you to our main Alberta Whitewater Association website, with clubs and ideas to get you in a boat or on a SUP and started with the right people. If you are from Calgary and the area, try Aquabatics (link below) and Waterwerks Kayak Club to get started. Once you have a good basic skill set and are comfortable to move onto some moving water and into gates, we will have a program for you.

Links to AWA Club Page

Link to Aquabatics for folks in Calgary
Link to Waterwerks for folks in Calgary


I already have kayaking Experience:

Great, contact us at or through social media. One of us will get back to you.

Or feel free to call Jordi directly at 1 825. 488. 5044

We love new people and visitors to join our active crew. 

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