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Performance Lite Program

The Alberta Performance-Lite program, based in Calgary, allows emerging Alberta slalom athletes to progress their skills on and off the water.  The program provides a stepped gateway for new athletes to enter the HP program. The program will continuously evolve to help the athletes achieve their goals by meeting their needs within the resources of AWS.  

Eligible Athletes: 
  • All other athletes wishing to join the PL program must get approval from the Head Coach.

What to expect:

Weekly training opportunities via the Google schedule

Strength and core conditioning plans will be provided monthly. 

Objectives would be:
• Ensure a solid technical base
• Fitness
• Speed
• Understand fully the reason for a certain type of workout
• Learn how to prepare for racing
• Learn race tactics


• 4 sessions/week - Summer/3 on water and one dryland, then winter follows winter program,

• Weekly Water and Dry-land training
• Race Fees for Harvie Open, Kananaskis Open, Harvie Fall Classic
• Coaching at Camps and Races
• Provincial Paddling Opportunities (travel & accommodation not included)

Options and Costs:

Performance  Lite - Full Year - $ 750,- 
(price pro-rated from $1000,- starting Jan-Oct 2024)
12 months (no training for two weeks at Christmas).
October is a break month - light programming that considers athletes' individual needs will be provided.
Fee-based on 4 weekly sessions, including dryland, erg, flat water, and river sessions. Winter pool sessions and gym membership extra. You may need cross-country ski equipment.

Performance Lite - Summer - $ 700,-
April - Oct 
4 sessions/summer only, plus a reduced winter program if added on)

Sibling Discount:
Performance Lite - Full Year - $ 375,- (pro-rated from $500,- starting Jan-Sept)
Performance Lite -Summer - $ 350,- (April - October)

Payment options: 
- Credit Card ( processing fees to be added to your registration fees)

- E-transfer(no processing fees)

- If you would like to split up payments to make it easier, please email the Treasurer, Mike Roberts, and arrange a payment schedule. 

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