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Slalom Social Night

Slalom Social Nights with AWS!! Every Wednesday Night.  Free to register.

  • Everybody / 18+ (or accompanied by an adult)

  • Canoe, Kayak, or SUP

  • Previous river paddling experience and an interest in taking skills to next level

  • Paddlers must be confident in Class II water for Harvie Passage sessions and Class III for Upper Kananaskis sessions (skilled at both paddling and self rescue)

What to expect:

• Inclusive, fun and no-commitments
• Instructions on:

- Upstream gate

- Off-set gates

- Learning to read the water and what it does to your board

- Advanced paddle strokes

- Surfing and board control

- Racing a small slalom course and having fun on and off the water

This is a FREE program. Once registered, you will be added to the communication list with weekly details on meeting points and updates. 

To keep our volunteer organizers safe and insured, we require you to have an AWA membership (Individual membership is $15)
As a member of a local paddling club, you may already be registered, please check with them.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our amazing session organizers:

Liam S, Mike R, and Hayden D (Lead Organizers)

and David M and Adlai M (SUP Specific Organizers)

These sessions are free, but DONATIONS are welcome and help us maintain the Slalom courses or buy the organizers a nice gift at the end of the season. Thank you!

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