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Developmental Skills in Whitewater Adult Slalom

This program is perfect for adults with previous paddling experience that are comfortable on light-moving water and want to train once a week to develop their whitewater slalom skills and techniques of kayak, canoe, or SUP slalom. 

Eligible Athletes: 
  • Previous experience on light-moving water (Class I/II)

  • Paddling, basic safety, and self rescue skills

  • Suggested age 14 to Adult

What to expect:
  • World Class Whitewater Slalom Coaching
  • Program running from June to September

  • One session per week (Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM)

  • Fun and inclusive group

  • Experienced Salom coaches


  • Locations Harvie Passage and maybe a few sessions in Kananaskis

  • Coaching Whitewater Slalom Skills:

- Upstream gate

- Off-set gates

- Learning to read the water and what it does to your boat / board

- Advanced paddle strokes

- Surfing and boat / board control

- Racing a small slalom course and having fun on the water


  • Weekly sessions

  • Race Fee covered for the "Harvie Fall" Classic Slalom race

Options and Costs:

SUP Slalom Developmental Skills - 1x week - $ 400
June - September

Winter Add on Option:
Please speak to our coach Jordi for details

Payment options: 
- Credit Card ( processing fees to be added to your registration fees)

- E-transfer  (no processing fees)

- If you would like to split up payments to make it easier, please speak to your coach

and arrange a payment schedule. 

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